Visit Israel

I wonder what would happen if in Spanish TV channels we had ads that said VISIT ISRAEL. I say that because these last weeks there are ads to visit TEL AVIV and JERUSALEM. It is a very nice ad with the song sunny and it just seems the ad of a website called citiesbreak. But behind there is the Tourist Ministry of Israel as I suspected and I read in

What I find more weird about the ad is that the word ISRAEL is nowhere to be seen.

In any case the one behind the ad seems to me to be quite clever. Knowing that the state of Israel arouses a lot of controversy and passion the ad just focuses in two cities without mentioning Israel at all. 

Well I imagine that if the European Union wanted to broadcast ads in the UK promoting tourism to the European Union it would also not mention the words European Union. In the UK and ad telling you to visit Tuscany and Provence can be very suggesting but an ad telling you to visit the European Union wouldn’t do!