Visit Israel

I wonder what would happen if in Spanish TV channels we had ads that said VISIT ISRAEL. I say that because these last weeks there are ads to visit TEL AVIV and JERUSALEM. It is a very nice ad with the song sunny and it just seems the ad of a website called citiesbreak. But behind there is the Tourist Ministry of Israel as I suspected and I read in

What I find more weird about the ad is that the word ISRAEL is nowhere to be seen.

In any case the one behind the ad seems to me to be quite clever. Knowing that the state of Israel arouses a lot of controversy and passion the ad just focuses in two cities without mentioning Israel at all. 

Well I imagine that if the European Union wanted to broadcast ads in the UK promoting tourism to the European Union it would also not mention the words European Union. In the UK and ad telling you to visit Tuscany and Provence can be very suggesting but an ad telling you to visit the European Union wouldn’t do! 



English Blog about La Liga

I wonder how many blogs one can find about LaLiga in Spain written in English. Maybe this blog could be one of them. At least its name refers to an imaginary team playing in La Liga …

Now thanks to Facebook people from India and other Asian countries would be able to follow LaLiga for free and I wonder if this could not be a blog written in English about football in La liga …

This blog is written in Catalonia where you have GIRONA, BARCELONA and ESPANYOL playing LaLiga, the first division of Spanish football.

LaLiga in English for India


Some months ago I registered Then I realized that most visits to this blog came from India. Now I have read that Facebook has bought the rights of LaLiga for some Asian countries including India. So LaLiga matches will be seen in India via Facebook.

Facebook has seen an opportunity in India bringing the Spanish LaLiga. Funnily I also realized the potential some months ago.

I will keep an eye on visitors to this blog from India. In any case, what can I offer? I am not Facebook! I am just someone living near FC BARCELONA and ESPANYOL stadiums who can speak Catalan, Castilian and English? What could I do?

Could I write maybe about Castelldefels, the place where Lionel Messi lives? I know the castle, the beaches, the new library, the mountains. I also know Girona. I mean the city. And I have been too in Madrid.

I wanted to make some business having the domain

Maybe it could be a website made in Catalonia for Indian fans of La Liga. Written in English. But there are already newspapers from Barcelona and Madrid who have online websites about sports in Spain. I cannot compete with them. Neither can I compete with Facebook bringing you LaLiga.

Maybe I could write about things that neither Facebook or these newspapers may tell you. You may wonder which Spanish team to follow or be fan of? Should one follow Sevilla or Betis? Should one follow Real Madrid or Atlético de Madrid? Should one follow Espanyol or Barça? I am saying this because these pairs share location (well, Gerard Piqué may say otherwise …)

I could also write about things that maybe fans from India have no idea. For example this season they will see one team called HUESCA. For them it may just be one more team playing in PRIMERA DIVISIÓN. But for me it is quite different. HUESCA is a city in Aragon near the Pyrenees. The capital of Aragón is ZARAGOZA and usually ZARAGOZA was the only team from Aragon which played in PRIMERA DIVISIÓN. People in Spain know this and so do people in Huesca and Zaragoza! So Huesca is the first time playing in PRIMERA DIVISION. Just that is impressing but it is even more impressive that it is doing that while ZARAGOZA is not.

Another thing of interest if what happens in the team of GIRONA. It is related to MANCHESTER CITY and there is the brother of Pep Guardiola behind. Some days ago a Brazilian player continued on loan in Girona because the British authorities let him not have a job permission in the UK! Guardiola, the coach, was quite angry.

Well, let see if anyone likes this kind of post. I can mix a bit of football, gossip and what surrounds football.

By the way, I once saw a cricket match in England …


Maybe most people did not notice it, but after months with Julian Assange not saying a word about Catalonia, Assange said something some days ago as Carles Puigdemont was captured in Germany. Now Ecuador has decided to cut off Internet. It seems that Assange also said something about Russia that was not like by the British government.

So I do not know whether it was Spain or the United Kingdom or both that call Ecuador to tell Ecuador to cut off Internet to Julian Assange.

I could write here what I think about this measure but I prefer anyone reading this thinks about it. 


Is Germany supporting the Spain that loved Hitler via Franco?

I admire German people. Some decades ago Germany made an enormous mistake trusting in Hitler. But Germany, after the war, left behind nazism and won the respect of the whole planet. Germany is an open society.

On the other hand in Spain we still have a sacred place with the tomb of fascist dictator Franco.

So what I am saying? I am telling Germany to be careful. Spain is a diverse country. But be aware that some of the people who want Puigdemont in jail are the sames that have never condemned the fascist past of Spain as you have done in Germany.

I do not say that Carles Puigdemont has been an angel but careful about your friends in Spain. They are not like you. Germany said goodbye to nazism. Spain has still its streets with fascists names! So think twice before sending Puigdemont to Spain. If you consider Puigdemont has to be in prison I beg you retain him in Germany. Puigdemont in a Spanish prison could be in danger.