Maybe most people did not notice it, but after months with Julian Assange not saying a word about Catalonia, Assange said something some days ago as Carles Puigdemont was captured in Germany. Now Ecuador has decided to cut off Internet. It seems that Assange also said something about Russia that was not like by the British government.

So I do not know whether it was Spain or the United Kingdom or both that call Ecuador to tell Ecuador to cut off Internet to Julian Assange.

I could write here what I think about this measure but I prefer anyone reading this thinks about it. 



Is Germany supporting the Spain that loved Hitler via Franco?

I admire German people. Some decades ago Germany made an enormous mistake trusting in Hitler. But Germany, after the war, left behind nazism and won the respect of the whole planet. Germany is an open society.

On the other hand in Spain we still have a sacred place with the tomb of fascist dictator Franco.

So what I am saying? I am telling Germany to be careful. Spain is a diverse country. But be aware that some of the people who want Puigdemont in jail are the sames that have never condemned the fascist past of Spain as you have done in Germany.

I do not say that Carles Puigdemont has been an angel but careful about your friends in Spain. They are not like you. Germany said goodbye to nazism. Spain has still its streets with fascists names! So think twice before sending Puigdemont to Spain. If you consider Puigdemont has to be in prison I beg you retain him in Germany. Puigdemont in a Spanish prison could be in danger.