La Conexión China del Espanyol

Hace unos meses Gerard Piqué recordo a todo el mundo que el presidente del Espanyol es chino. Y hace pocas semanas, mirando un album de cromos de la liga española me volvió a llamar la atención que el Español parecía el único equipo de La Liga con un presidente  chino. El señor CHEN YANSHENG.

Teniendo en cuenta la importancia de China quizá el Español podría aprovechar tener un presidente chino.

De las palabras de Gerard Piqué uno podría pensar que lo que dijo lo dijo como si el hecho de que el presidente sea chino fuera algo negativo. Y creo que es lo contrario.

La lengua china es muy complicada para los occidentales y yo al menos siempre veo China como un sitio cerrado. El tener un presidente que habla chino y conoce China me parece una oportunidad única para el Espanyol … 

Quizá Cornellà de Llobregat podría ser elegido como uno de los puntos occidentales de la futura ruta de la seda …

O se podría celebrar en el estadio del Espanyol el cambio de año chino a lo grande.

En fin, yo prefiero un presidente chino que no está en la cárcel para mi equipo que un expresidente que si lo está como es en el equipo de Piqué.


Yesterday Gerard Piqué took notice of the Espanyol ad where you can read Espanyol de with a lot of places afterwards and he said they could say whatever such as Espanyol of China, Espanyol of Italy or Espanyol of Tabàrnia.At least from his words he could imagine this three kind of Espanyol de.

In this post I want to mention that I was surprised he used the word Italia because the word China was understandable as the owners are from China and Tabàrnia is also understandable because it is a trendy name in Catalonia.

By why Italia.

My guess is that what he said has already been thought in advance! By him or by some. If it was spontaneous then Gerard Piqué may be a hidden poet with a lot of wit.

I think the word Italia (Italy in Spanish … and in Italian …) was used just for poetic reasons!

China, Italia and Tabàrnia just have vowel A and vowel I. Is Gerard Piqué the new Shakespeare of our times?

So Italia was a very good choice because it added musicality to the phrase and so emphasize it! Morover, it was a kind of nexus between China and Tabàrnia because Italia and Tabàrnia end with ia both. And the three words have the accent in the same positions.

So Gerard Piqué is a genius to improvise witty phrases or he thinks in advance what he says or he may even get help. I already said that Espanyol de Cornellà has also rithm!

All this may be missed when translated into other languages.

China, Italy or Tabàrnia has not the original rithm of China, Italia o Tabarnia.

In youtube you can watch videos of Piqué saying these words in the MIXT ZONE.

So, has Espanyol de Cornellà discovered Gerard Piqué, the poet ..?

Let me repeat too that Tabàrnia is a fictitious territory that wants independence from Catalonia. Both Barcelona and Cornellà de Llobregat are inside this fictitiously rebellious part of Catalonia who seeks secession from the rest of secessionist Catalonia!

The NYT spoke about Tabàrnia some weeks ago but I have the feeling that it is Gerard Piqué the one who will have made the word Tabarnia famous around the world. At least the world of football and even soccer as it is said in the US.

You will be surprised by how many people from so different countries visit this blog when Gerard Piqué talks!

So I will try here that not much is LOST IN TRANSLATION!



Espanyol de Cornellà and now Made in China

Outrageous. The last week it was Espanyol de Cornellà. Now Gerard Piqué has said that Espanyol is not rooted in Barcelona as the owners are from China. I cannot believe it! So, when FC Barcelona plays in the future against the Manchester City of Guardiola what will he say: Oh, Manchester City is not rooted in Manchester as the owner are from an Arab country of the Golf.

This is incredible. First you use Cornellà as a kind of insult and now you mention the Chinese origin of the owners of Espanyol.


FC Barcelona has a lot of fans worldwide. Maybe some from China. So, if he talks about the owners of Espanyol and mentions on purpose they are Chinese does he find right people from outside Barcelona city are fans of Barcelona. Or are they not rooted in their own countries.

Maybe I am exaggerating but with Gerard Piqué mentioning Cornellà in a bad way and now mentioning China as something bad I wonder who can feel comfortable being a fan of FC Barcelona.

So to be a fan of Barcelona you have to be mean with towns near Barcelona and you have to be mean to China.

Maybe somebody should remind Gerard Piqué that football is an international business.

If Espanyol is not rooted in Barcelona because it has Chinese owners then the success FC BARCELONA should be called FC Rosario.

I have never heard Lionel Messi say a Catalan word and I love his Argentinian accent and I am happy he plays with FC Barcelona. But if you try to be mean with Espanyol by telling the owners are from China then have in mind that Messi is from Argentina.

I wonder how Pep Guardiola may feel when he heard Gerard Piqué saying that. His words can be extended to any European club with foreign owners? His friend Neymar plays in PSG so Piqué also tells Neymar he is playing in a team that is not rooted in Paris.

I do not know if the words of Gerard Piqué about Espanyol de Cornellà flirt with Xenophobia but his mentioning of the owners of Espanyol as Chinese embarrasses me a lot. I hope people outside Catalonia who read this post realise that not everybody in Catalonia is like Gerard Piqué.

And it sounds grotesque he dares to talk about the owners of another football team when a once president of FC Barcelona is in jail. And he is not Chinese.