Maybe most people did not notice it, but after months with Julian Assange not saying a word about Catalonia, Assange said something some days ago as Carles Puigdemont was captured in Germany. Now Ecuador has decided to cut off Internet. It seems that Assange also said something about Russia that was not like by the British government.

So I do not know whether it was Spain or the United Kingdom or both that call Ecuador to tell Ecuador to cut off Internet to Julian Assange.

I could write here what I think about this measure but I prefer anyone reading this thinks about it. 



Will Catalonia win over Germany?

Germany is the most powerful economy in Europe. Catalonia is a region of Spain in total dismay.

Now Germany has captured the ousted President of Catalonia and it may give him to the Spanish justice system so that he may stay in a Spanish prison for decades.

So it is Spain and Germany cooperating against the wish not just of Catalonia but just half Catalonia.

So everything seems to be in favour of Germany so I doubt that germany has any doubt to bring Puigdemont to the Spanish justice system.

It is a weak region of Spain divided in two against the most powerful economy of Europe.

BUT … powerful Spain and powerful Germany are NOTHING if the rest of the world does not support them. So, Catalonia, or half of it, may not win against the powerful Germany but I am not sure this will be forever!



People in New York who like Barcelona may know that in Catalonia we use NY in words such as Catalunya (Catalonia in Catalan) or in Espanyol.

Now Espanyol de Cornella, for the first time ever, has created an activewear tshirt were you can read ESPANYOL but in a special way. As an homage to NY some will say while others may say as an homage to the Catalan language. Some may even say that it is a homage to RCD Espanyol. You choose …

Below you can see the three Activewear you can buy in Zazzle from Espanyol de Cornella.

This is the third and the one related to NY:

This is the second. BCN is the code of the Barcelona airport of EL PRAT. By the way the town of Cornellà de Llobregat and El Prat de Llobregat touch each other and tthe land of RCD STADIUM is in both towns!
BCN Espanyol de Cornella TSHIRT

And this the first Activewear I created. In blue you can read BCN ESPANYOL DE CORNELLA. Twice.


Guardiola, the uprooted coach?

He is payed via his United Arab Emirates bosses. He has a team payed through the money from the UAE. So he acts as the coach of Manchester City being paid with money from a golf state and he even wears a yellow ribbon that has nothing to do with this team or the situation of prisoners and democracy in the country behind the boss of his team.

So when Gerard Piqué said that Espanyol was an uprooted team because its stadium was outside Barcelona and his owner was from China I wonder what he may have thought about a coach of a team wearing ribbons that nothing have to do with Manchester or Manchester City and having a Gulf owner.

The Meaning of the Yellow Ribbon of Guardiola


I am writing this post from Catalonia so I am used to see this yellow ribbon painted on pavements, etc.

This is a ribbon that is related to the people who want that some Catalan politicians leave jail as they consider them totally innocent. In fact there has not been yet any trial and the three men in jail are just in a preventive order. They are Oriol Junqueras, Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart.

Some hours ago Pep Guardiola said this ribbon was not political and that is not true. The people in Catalonia wearing this yellow ribbon have a political thought. It is contradictory to say that there are political prisoners in Spain and then say that wearing a yellow ribbon is not political. Maybe what Guardiola meant is that the pro independence parties in Catalonia are from the right and from the left. But half Catalonia does not vote to these parties so wearing this yellow ribbon is a political action unless you do not consider the parties that do not want independence as being political parties.

What baffles me is that Pep Guardiola says he won’t wear the yellow ribbon if Manchester City asks him not to wear it. As long as I know Manchester City is just in the hands of people from the United Arab Emirates. So I think Guardiola should listen more to what the English FA tells him that what people from the United Arab Emirates.

I agree with Guardiola that these men should not be right now in jail but for me these men are not angels. Scotland had a referendum but with an agreement with the UK. The Catalan independence parties just acted without taking notice of half of Catalonia.

Guardiola should also be aware that he was behind Qatar hosting the Football World Cup. And he played in Qatar. So he is much related to the dictatorships of Qatar and the UAE. As far as I know homosexuals go to jail in Qatar. Not in Spain. So if Guardiola is such a lovely person that so much hates innocent people being in jail he should realise that the money of his wage and that buyes the players of Manchester City comes from places where things are much worse that in Spain. WHY IS HE NOT WEARING A RIBBON FOR ALL THE SLAVES THAT GO TO WORK FOR QATAR WORLD CUP?

I understand that Guardiola is not happy with Spain but it speaks volumes about his hypocresy that he has no problem to receive money from Dictatorships like Qatar or UAE.

Guardiola seems happy that some fans of Manchester City were wearing a yellow ribbon in Wembley. Thank God that there is more common sense among other coaches. Can you imagine some Spanish coaches telling the fans of their teams wearing a Spanish ribbon. I find that Guardiola is not showing respect to England. 

Not all obsessions are good …

And by the way comparing the yellow ribbon to the cancer ribbon is a shame. How dares to make such an horrendous comparison?

Elsa Artadi, President of Catalonia?

It may happen that in Catalonia, like in the UK, Germany and Scotland, we have a woman ruling our destinies. This woman may be Elsa Artadi. You can read her name currently in Spanish and Catalan press so I am writing this post in English so that the news is also available to anyone reading in English.

She is very close to Carles Puigdemont and not much is know to me. She would be the first woman to be President of Catalonia. We have always had President de la Generalitat. She would be our first Presidenta de la Generalitat. Some months ago we already had the first woman as Mayor of Barcelona: Ada Colau.

It is funny because it is taking so long to have a President that one may have the feeling that when we already have one in Catalonia we should almost have a party. But I have the feeling that in the current situation is so bad not to have a government as to have.

Well, if the US can live with Donald Trump why should not Catalonia live with whatever it comes …